Do You Want To
Understand Your Dog?
10 Ways To Know
What Your Dog Is Thinking

Do you want to be able to read your dog like a book? Imagine how great your relationship with your dog can be when you know what he or she is thinking!

Hi! I'm Con Slobodchikoff, Ph.D., President and CEO of Animal Communications, Ltd.

In my many years of teaching dog training courses and solving pet behavior problems, I have found that the biggest problem people have is communicating with their pets. The pets don't know what their person expects of them, and the person does not know how to read their pet's mood and emotions.

That's why I have put together these 10 Secrets of Dog Body Language, to teach you how to get along better with your dog.

Do you have dog behavior problems? Dog training problems? Do you feel that you're not getting through to your pet?

It could be that your pet is trying to get through to you!

Often when dogs misbehave, it's their way of trying to tell us something.

Find out how you can get along better with your pet.

Get my free report, 10 Secrets of Dog Body Language. Your dog's body language will tell you what is going on. Learn to identify and read body cues. Find out answers to these questions:

  • What does it mean when your dog wags his tail more to the right than to the left?  

  • What can you learn from the size of your dog's pupils? .

  • What does it mean when your dog makes a rhythmic gasping sound?

  • What can you learn from looking at your dog's mouth?

  • What does it mean when your dog yawns? (Hint: She's not bored!)


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